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Intertec Products understands the difficulties of sourcing products in China. Quality, lead times, exchange rates and communication issues can all reduce your bottom line. Intertec Products offers a variety of supply chain solutions that limit your risk while maximizing your effectiveness and profit margin.
  • Sourcing: Our unique approach to sourcing builds value for our customer throughout the sourcing process. We eliminate waste throughout the supply chain of your product and pass those savings on to you. We study the market thoroughly and all our factories are put through an extensive prequalification process to assure you are working with the best partner for your needs. By working closely with our customers and directly with the manufacturers we are able to connect the two parties directly allowing for the best communication and eliminating any issues. Our process ensures that your products are made correctly to your specifications at the lowest possible price.
  • Quality: All our products go through extensive quality checks throughout the production process. We are able to adjust quality procedures to include any specific or additional quality testing you require. We make sure your product gets manufactured to the quality standards you require. We also offer third party factory auditing.
  • Inspection: In addition to in process inspection each shipment goes through a final inspection to assure your order is done right the first time. We also offer third party inspection services for your products in China.
  • Design and Specification: We build all products to your design and specification. Our engineering team can also help you with design and specification writing if necessary.
  • Logistics: We make sure that all logistics functions run smoothly. From loading through customs directly to your door. If you are already using a logistics company let us give you a quote, your going to like what you see.
  • Business Consulting Services: In addition we offer Business Consulting Services. Let us analyze your business process and show you where and how you can improve productivity, reduce lead times and lower your costs.     
Let our industry knowledge and experience go to work for you.
Contact Us for a confidential quote and start building value into your supply chain today.
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